Biblical Studies
We not only experience a daily "Bible Time", but Christian instruction is integrated in all curriculum areas and play. Our curriculum, Faith Alive, emphasizes a child’s relationship to God, to others, and to his/her world. Through the use of a flannel graph, vinyl graph, puppets, and other visual aids and dramatization, the Bible stories come alive for the children. Every day we sing and pray to our Savior and Friend, Jesus, who always loves and forgives us. Bible words are practiced and learned. We learn that God hears our prayers and we learn to pray for others.

Language Arts
Our goal is to introduce children to pre-reading skills including, but not limited to, left-right progression, listening skills, visual and auditory memory, verbalization and vocabulary development, rhythm, opposites, same/different, and organization and development of ideas to dictate creative stories. Students experience stories during daily teacher read-aloud as well opportunities to visit the listening center. The letters of the alphabet, including recognition of upper case letters, sounds of a sequencing of the letters is introduced. Using the “Question of the Day” the class is exposed to a variety of sight words. Literature appreciation both quietly and individually and group story time are encouraged. Children will be encouraged to write words to complete simple sentences, make simple repetitive books, and title artwork. Dictated stories and class books will also be part of the writing programWe use literacy backpacks to encourage parent involvement in reading at home. Each backpack includes a hardcover book, audio CD and a list of suggestions to use before, during and after reading.

Children will be introduced to pre-math skills which include one to one correspondence, sorting and classifying, simple measurement and comparison, identification of shapes, development of simple patterns and simple graphing and charting of information. Calendar activities include the introduction of month, day of the week, date, and numerals 1-31 but these are not expected to be mastered. Expectations include rote counting to twenty (20) and numeral recognition 1-10.
Children will understand that this world is awesome and was created by God. The children’s natural curiosity will be enhanced through making predictions, participating in multi-sensory exploration and hands-on experimentation. Many different units of study will be explored as they relate to weekly themes. Field trips may include a visit to the Zoo, Aviary and/or Boyce Park Nature Center. In school field trips have also been provided by the Children’s Museum and “Professor MiGooch”. Parents with Science experience have visited the classroom to share a variety of Science experiments with the class.
Social Studies
Children will be introduced to the world around them. Encouragement to widen their view of the world from "me" to family, friends and community will be a priority. Being a servant of Christ and helping others will also be encouraged. Children will be introduced to holidays and customs throughout the year. Simple history of our nation, our flag, and our leaders, past and present will be introduced. We invite visitors into the classroom to tell about their work in the community. At least one foreign country will be introduced, with emphasis on the country’s food, people, customs, language and religion. Some basic Spanish words will be introduced.
Physical Education
Fine Motor Skills
Children will be encouraged to advance to their developmental level. Use of many medium and activities will help promote development of small muscle coordination and fine motor skills. Children will be encouraged to do pre-writing activities and will be encouraged to form letters to label projects. “Handwriting Without Tears” materials are used in the classroom.
Gross Motor Skills
Through a wide variety of activities children will develop body awareness, body image, body control, and body/space relationships. Large muscle coordination will be enhanced through using the playground and equipment in the Gross Motor room.
We use art as a means of self-expression, discovery, enjoyment, and accomplishment. We encourage experimenting and creating with many types of media: tempera paints, finger paints, water colors, play dough, paper, collage materials, colored tissue paper, yarn, cloth, glue, sponges, crayons, and markers. We also offer many craft activities to develop fine motor skills or learning skills, but we encourage creativity as much as possible. Creative self-expression will be encouraged with the process being more important that the product. Creative expression is also encouraged in dramatic play and field trips are taken to the Pittsburgh International Children’s Theater.
Children will be introduced to many musical experiences. Songs of praise, songs for enjoyment, and fun, echo and response songs, simple rhythm games and movement to music will be included. Children will also be introduced to rhythm instruments. Listening skills, following directions and auditory discrimination skills will be enhanced. During the first semester the Music teacher conducts a weekly class with the preschool 4/5 year olds. Field trips are taken yearly to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Tiny Tots performance.